The four tricks of fading labor gloves are easy to fix for you.

In daily life, people feel deeply about jeans, especially the most easily faded dark color, experienced aunts will be in the air when the reverse sun, in fact, labor gloves can also be so, after cleaning, reverse sun, avoid direct exposure to the sun, so it is not easy to fade.

For labor gloves just bought, if you are afraid of fading, before cleaning, you can use brine soak, about half an hour. If it continues to fade a little, you can put a little salt in every cleaning, and it won't fade again for a long time.

Labor gloves faded gloves cleaning gloves preservation

For some cotton gloves, in order to prevent discoloration, we can add a little vinegar in our daily life, not buy good vinegar, but don't put too much vinegar in it, just soak a little for a while, which can not only prevent discoloration but also increase the brightness. Maintenance of protective labor protection gloves, protective gloves made of natural rubber gloves should not be used with acid, alkali, oil contact for a long time, and should prevent sharp objects puncture. Clean and dry after use, sprinkle talc powder inside and outside gloves, and keep them properly, so that they can not be pressed or heated in storage.

First trick: brine immersion method

This method is most suitable for dealing with the fading of jeans and colored clothes, with excellent results. In order to prevent fading, newly bought clothes should be soaked in concentrated salt water for half an hour before first launching, and then washed in a conventional way. If there is still slight discoloration, it can be battered with light salt water for 10 minutes before each wash. If you persist in the past, the clothes will never fade!

Second trick: pickling

This trick is mainly aimed at pure cotton clothes and knitwear with bright colors such as red or purple. The way is to add some ordinary vinegar to the water before washing the clothes. But the amount of vinegar can not be too much, otherwise it is easy to dye light-colored clothes. If you can wash clothes in this way regularly, you can ensure that the color of the clothes is as clean as new!

Third trick: Flower and dew water cleaning method

The third method is more suitable for cotton and wool fabrics. First, the clothes are washed according to the conventional method. After washing the clothes, a few drops of dew are dripped into the water, and then the clothes are soaked in such water for ten minutes. The clothes washed in this way can also disinfect, sterilize and remove sweat.

Fourth trick: anti-airing

This method is most commonly used, especially for some dark clothes.   The method is very simple, that is to turn the clothes to air. Here's a special reminder: most clothes made of fabric can't be directly irradiated by the sun, because ultraviolet light is the main cause of the fading of clothes. So not only do we have to air the clothes in the opposite direction, but if possible, we should put them in a place where they are dark and ventilated to dry them.