Introduction to the Application Field and Function of Cutting-proof Gloves

Anti-cutting gloves are a kind of gloves that can not be easily cut, and play a protective role for the opponent. Applicable fields: slaughterhouses, aquatic shells processing, poultry processing, large public canteens, supermarkets, plastics, leather processing, textiles, clothing cutting and paper industry, wood processing, glass processing, laboratory protection, security, police, public security and other fields.

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Product Name: Cutting-proof Gloves

Anti-cutting gloves have exceptional cutting and wear resistance, making them high-quality hand labor insurance products. A pair of anti-cutting gloves is equivalent to 500 pairs of ordinary thread gloves, which can be called "one hundred". It can be widely used in meat segmentation, glass processing, metal processing, petrochemical industry, disaster relief, fire rescue and other industries.

Brief introduction of anti-cutting gloves

Function: Anti-cutting

Material: High Strength and High Modulus Polyethylene Fiber Coated Glass Fiber or Steel Wire

Steel wire anti-cutting grade: 3-5 grade

Usage: Wear anti-cutting gloves, can grasp the edge of daggers, bayonets and other sharp tools, even if the cutter is pulled out from the hand, it will not cut the gloves, let alone hurt the hand. A small pair of anti-cutting gloves is the necessary equipment for public security, security, security and other professionals to defend themselves and build a successful career. In today's society, taxi drivers are also one of the high-risk professions. Once they are robbed by gangsters, they may lose their cars. The matching of anti-cutting gloves enables the driver's friends to have the confidence to subdue the gangsters in an emergency. They can not only protect themselves, but also subdue the gangsters.

Characteristics of anti-cutting gloves

1. A single glove can be used with both hands.

2. It meets international standards in quality, structure and technology.

3. All styles are equipped with adjustable nylon belt for easy wear.

4. High-quality stainless steel material, safe and hygienic, easy to clean, ideal choice for the food industry.

5. Welding between the steel ring and the steel ring is fuller, can withstand greater tension, and is soft and sticky.

Six steel gloves have more than 5000 stainless steel rings and stainless steel rings welded and knitted independently.

7. It meets the standard EN1082/EN420, the highest anti-cutting grade reaches grade 5, and has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

8. Humanized tailoring technology, based on ergonomic design, makes the wearer's fingers more flexible and comfortable to wear.

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