Selection of Labor Protection Gloves

Labor gloves are indispensable protective tools in our daily work. There are many kinds of protective gloves. We should choose gloves suitable for ourselves according to our working environment.

There are many kinds of protective gloves, including anti-cutting gloves, insulating gloves, oil and acid resistant gloves, anti-static gloves, yarn gloves, canvas gloves, welding gloves, nylon knitting gloves, steel-making gloves, leather gloves and so on. Today let Xiaobian introduce the functions and characteristics of anti-cutting gloves, live working gloves and oil-resistant gloves.

Protecting gloves and gloves with insulating gloves and anti-cutting gloves

Cut-proof gloves:

Anti-cutting gloves are made of steel wire and nylon knitting materials. They have strong anti-cutting and anti-skid properties. They can hold the knife edge by hand without being cut. It has excellent anti-wear, anti-cutting, anti-stamping protection, comfortable to wear and easy to clean. Anti-cutting gloves not only have the above functions, but also have longer service life than ordinary gloves. Only by choosing standard anti-cutting gloves, can they have perfect protection effect.

Insulation gloves for live work:

The insulating gloves can insulate the two hands from the charged body and prevent the hand from touching the charged body of the same potential or touching the charged body of the same potential or touching the charged body of different potential at the same time.

Rubber insulating gloves are made of pure natural imported rubber. They are comfortable to wear and durable. Applicable to live operation of electric power and electrical equipment, wear to prevent hand directly touching live body, so as to avoid electric shock, play the role of hand insulation protection.

Oil-resistant gloves:

Oil-resistant gloves are also commonly known in the market as blue oil-resistant gloves, for the blue abrasive surface impregnated gloves.   Used for oil stain or mild corrosive substances, suitable for working models with high tactile requirements. They are made of a patented material that is acid-resistant, vegetable oil-resistant and animal oil-resistant, and contains no allergic substances. Gloves are extremely soft and highly hand-shaped. The design makes wearing a rough surface that fits very close to the fingertips, improves movement flexibility, improves grip performance, comfort and hygiene, and is an indispensable glove for tactile sensitivity and comfort.

It is very important to choose suitable protective gloves: we must choose according to our working environment. Different gloves have different protective effects. Only by choosing according to the special circumstances in your working environment can you avoid unnecessary danger.